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Providing Protective Factors For Successful Outcomes

Joe Lavoritano, Executive Director

The Mission of St. Gabriel’s System is to serve, in the words of the Founder, Saint Jean Baptiste De La Salle, “the least, the last and the lost.” Saint Gabriel’s System gives the youth entrusted to our care hope for the future. As a System, Saint Gabriel’s is committed to helping youth achieve positive outcomes that will contribute to a positive future. The youth in our care learn to control their feelings and become accountable for their behavior. As a result they have the opportunity to improve their academic levels, learn career/technical skills and earn a diploma. These outcomes help the youth become productive citizens and serve their community.

The Numbers:

Infographic of the program's statistics

Successful Outcomes


Saint Gabriel's Hall 2014 GED Pass Rate crushes the National Average!!

Written By
Mike H., Vice Principal

Saint Gabe's GED Pass Rate for 2014 far exceeds the National Average!! The National average GED pass rate for 2002-2013 was 70.9%. The National average GED pass rate for 2014 was 60% (implementing new changes to GED test). Proud to announce that Saint Gabriel's Hall's 2014 GED Pass Rate was... Read More

Lamar's new life.

Lamar J. came to De La Salle Vocational on September 30, 2008 following his discharge from Saint Gabriel’s Hall. At that time, he, too, was committed to the Saint Francis program, residing in one of their off-campus group homes. Lamar made steady and consistent progress at De La Salle,... Read More