Saint Gabriel's System

Residential Treatment


To prevent further involvement of youth in the juvenile justice system. To help youth be accountable for their actions, develop victim empathy and take greater responsibility for the quality of life in their family and community. To develop measurable competencies that help youth become more responsible and productive members of their communities. These goals are accomplished by providing a Therapeutic Milieu which provides an environment of psychological, social and moral safety that encourages personal dignity, cooperation and promotes successful experiences as a foundation for building self-esteem, self-confidence and motivation for personal growth.


  1. Reintegration Services, Philadelphia, PA

    Reintegration Services are provided to youth who are committed to Saint Gabriel’s Hall and their families

  2. Saint Gabriel’s Hall, Audubon, PA

    A residential program located in Audubon, PA for male youth

  3. The Mitchell Program, Audubon, PA

    An intensive 120 day residential treatment program for male youth who are court adjudicated ages 13-18

Successful Outcomes


Saint Gabriel's Hall 2014 GED Pass Rate crushes the National Average!!

Written By
Mike H., Vice Principal

Saint Gabe's GED Pass Rate for 2014 far exceeds the National Average!! The National average GED pass rate for 2002-2013 was 70.9%. The National average GED pass rate for 2014 was 60% (implementing new changes to GED test). Proud to announce that Saint Gabriel's Hall's 2014 GED Pass Rate was... Read More