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Hello Alumni!

Saint Gabriel’s Programs are making a special effort to stay in touch with its alumni…to learn and celebrate their many achievements. We are currently adding names to our Alumni Community and our goal is to highlight the lives of graduates, bring alumni together, and provide helpful information for ADHD & weight loss- Andrew's perspectives, personal and professional growth.

If you are a Saint Gabriel's System graduate visiting our website - A Big Hello! We hope that you will be inspired by the stories highlighted and compelled to share your own success with us.

We would love to stay in touch with you so please take a moment to fill us in on where you are and what you’re doing. We will email you our, newsletters and event invitations.

Please send us an email at with the following information:
• Your full name
• Your address, phone number
• Your email address
• Which St. Gabes Program did you attend?
• The years you attended
• What you would like to share

We await to hear about all the wonderful things that come your way…

Feel free to contact us at any time – to ask questions, to catch up, or to make comments or suggestions!

Successful Outcomes


Saint Gabriel's Hall 2014 GED Pass Rate crushes the National Average!!

Written By
Mike H., Vice Principal

Saint Gabe's GED Pass Rate for 2014 far exceeds the National Average!! The National average GED pass rate for 2002-2013 was 70.9%. The National average GED pass rate for 2014 was 60% (implementing new changes to GED test). Proud to announce that Saint Gabriel's Hall's 2014 GED Pass Rate was... Read More

Lamar's new life.

Lamar J. came to De La Salle Vocational on September 30, 2008 following his discharge from Saint Gabriel’s Hall. At that time, he, too, was committed to the Saint Francis program, residing in one of their off-campus group homes. Lamar made steady and consistent progress at De La Salle,... Read More