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Saint Gabriel's Hall 2014 GED Pass Rate crushes the National Average!!

Mike H.
Vice Principal

Saint Gabe's GED Pass Rate for 2014 far exceeds the National Average!! The National average GED pass rate for 2002-2013 was 70.9%. The National average GED pass rate for 2014 was 60% (implementing new changes to GED test). Proud to announce that Saint Gabriel's Hall's 2014 GED Pass Rate was an astonishing 91%. Kudos to the staff and students who work hard to make this happen!!

Vocational School to Vocation - Success Story

Stumbled upon the website today and decided to check in.
I grew up at St Francis Vocational School from 69 - 76 and attended De La Salle from 74 to 76. Upon graduation I was discharged from SFVS and returned only a few times over the years. I currently live in Texas just outside of Austin with my wife and 2 school aged children. For the past 16 years I've worked as an Area Manager for a wood moulding company overseeing a workforce that services our varied product lines in 61 Home Depots from the Mexican border all the way to the Texas panhandle.

Guys....job well done!

These are the words of a 1976 graduate from St. Gabriel’s System who attended Saint Gabriel’s Hall and then De La Salle Vocational...afterwards he went into the Army (82nd Airborne) for four years…he took college classes at the University of North Carolina (UNC) Fayetteville during his last two years in the army. After the Army he moved to Chapel Hill, NC and continued his education at UNC Chapel Hill earning a Mechanical Engineering Degree in 1982. He moved back to the Philadelphia area after graduating and got a job with Abington Township where he worked for 20 years.

Nijul P. Graduates and receives LEADERSHIP Award

John Mulroney
Principal, Saint Gabriel's Hall

Nijul P. graduated on February 8, 2011 with his high school diploma. He was awarded for LEADERSHIP. Nijul exhibits empathy and compassion for others and he's not afraid to show it, he was enjoyable to work with while restoring St. Gabe's greenhouse, he led peers by strong and consistent work ethic in all circumstances, he would quietly show others the right way to complete a task, he was respected by all and always respectful of others, he consistently earned the highest school points on his fraternity, and was sought out by others whenever they needed someone dependable and trustworthy.

Reintegration Services

Reintegration Services are provided to youth who are committed to Saint Gabriel’s Hall and their families

An Overview:

Reintegration Services are provided to youth who are committed to Saint Gabriel’s Hall and their families. Services begin at the time of discharge and are focused on assisting youth and their families with the re-entry process from Saint Gabriel’s Hall to the home and community through the development of community-based resources.



• Services are provided within the youth's community throughout the City of Philadelphia • Case management provided to youth and their families to develop resources and supports in their own communities Planning and reintegration services start as the youth is being discharged from Saint Gabriel's Hall and continues up to 6 months following discharge from residential placement • Visits by the youth's assigned Reintegration Worker with the youth and families occur at least once per week once the youth is discharged and in the community • Close collaboration by the youth's assigned Reintegration Worker with Probation in planning, implementation of services, and monitoring of youth once back in their community

Neighborhood, City, ST: 
Philadelphia, PA
Contact Info: 

227 North 18th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone (215) 854-7103
Fax (215) 965-5711

The Mitchell Program

An intensive 120 day residential treatment program for male youth who are court adjudicated ages 13-18

An Overview:

The Mitchell Program is an intensive 120 day residential treatment program for male youth who are court adjudicated ages 13-18, focused on balanced and restorative justice (BARJ), Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Care and therapeutic principles, followed by 6 months of community-based reintegration services. The Mitchell Program provides a year-round, on-site accredited academic school program to earn credits as well as opportunities for GED testing. Weekly on-site family visitation is offered as well as individual, group and family therapy services.


• 24 bed residential program located on the campus of Saint Gabriel’s Hall, Audubon, Pa.
• Incorporates the care and nurturance of animals to help develop trust and responsibility
• Horticultural Program: Youth cultivate, nurture, and harvest Organic vegetable, flowers and culinary herbs.
Youth are educated toward “green job” and community garden opportunities and experience selling their harvested items and crafts at local farmer’s markets. Proceeds generated are used to help pay youth’s restitution balances.
• Victim Empathy Groups
• Competency skills development groups including life, social, conflict management and appreciation of cultural diversity
• Crime Repair Crew Program designed to assist Philadelphia citizens in repairing their homes damaged by crimes as well as teach youth basic carpentry and home repair skills
• Community service opportunities for youth to earn hours
• Restitution Fund Program designed to assist youth pay towards their restitution balances

Neighborhood, City, ST: 
Audubon, PA
Contact Info: 

Box 7280
Audubon, PA 19407
Phone (215) 247-2776

Saint Gabriel’s Hall

A residential program located in Audubon, PA for male youth

An Overview:


• Year-round academic program (High School Diploma Program, GED Mastery Preparation, Special Education and Career Development)
• Comprehensive Treatment: individual, group, family therapy, one-on-one services as well as SELF (Safety, Emotions, Loss, Future Planning) group programs are offered
• All youth are assigned a Clinical Therapist
• Monthly in-home family visits
• Monthly Family Therapy Sessions (door-to-door transportation provided to facilitate sessions)
• Partnership with YoutBuild to provide job training, educational opportunities and employment

Neighborhood, City, ST: 
Audubon, PA
Contact Info: 

Box 7280
Audubon, PA 19407
Phone (215) 247-2776
Phone (610) 666-7970
Fax (610) 666-1479