Saint Gabriel's System


Community Based Day Treatments

Lamar's new life.

Lamar J. came to De La Salle Vocational on September 30, 2008 following his discharge from Saint Gabriel’s Hall. At that time, he, too, was committed to the Saint Francis program, residing in one of their off-campus group homes. Lamar made steady and consistent progress at De La Salle, maintaining daily attendance, strong grades, respectful behaviors and a pleasant demeanor throughout his time in the program. Teachers commended him on his diligent work habits, his eagerness to learn and his full compliance with classroom rules/expectations.

Dameond B. starts a new life.

Victoria Koroma

Dameond B. called today. He was released from probation and is no longer attending De La Salle Vocational. He attends the Twilight program and will complete it within 4 months according. He resides in north Philly with his girlfriend. He is still active in his son’s life. He works construction at the Citizen's Bank Park and plans to join the army next summer.

Chance B. & UPS

Matthew Brophy

Chance B., a De La Salle Vocational student has completed all of his classroom credits and is currently working part-time as a package handler with UPS at their Air-Hub site. He should earn his 120 community work hours and will receive his HS Diploma by January 2011.

Devon R. Graduates from High School

Matthew Brophy

Devon R., a De La Salle Vocational student will be receiving his HS Diploma in January 2011. Over the summer he completed a six week paid internship at The Dell Music Center, as part of the Learn To Earn Program.  Between now and January 2011, he will also be completing another six week paid internship with the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department.

De La Salle Vocational

A Year-Round, Community-Based, Career and Technical Education Day Treatment Program for Male Youth who are Adjudicated Delinquent

An Overview:


• Located in Bensalem, PA (tokens for public transportation and transportation from central location in Philadelphia provided)
• Operates year-round, Monday through Friday
• Offers High School Diploma & Career Training Education programs
• Offers four Career Technical Education Shop Opportunities: Building Maintenance and Repair, General Carpentry, Auto Services, Culinary Arts
• Learn to Earn Program
• Special Education services
• Treatment team approach organized around vocational training
• Nutritional development program, includes breakfast and lunch

Neighborhood, City, ST: 
Bensalem, PA
Contact Info: 

1265 Street Road
Bensalem, Pa 19020
Phone (215) 464-0344
Fax (215) 638-3767

For more information
Our email address is:


An outpatient program for male and female adolescents (10–20 years old), adjudicated (or deferred) on a sexual offense.

An Overview:

DelStar is an outpatient program for male and female adolescents (10–20 years old), adjudicated (or deferred) on a sexual offense. Clients receive weekly individual therapy as well as, when appropriate, group therapy. A multi-systemic approach to therapy includes developing an individual, workable relapse prevention/wellness plan with the following elements:
• understanding of the pathway to his/her offending,
• becoming accountable for all actions,
• developing and consistently utilizing preventative strategies,
• learning anger/stress management skills,


• Located in Center City Philadelphia near major transportation routes (tokens provided for public transportation)
• Quality treatment provided to adolescents adjudicated on a sexual offense since 1993
• Licensed by the Office of Mental Health

Neighborhood, City, ST: 
Center City, Philadelphia, PA
Contact Info: 

227 N 18th Street
Philadelphia Pa 19102
Phone (215) 665-8777
Fax (215) 965-5713

A Better Way: Conflict Management

An anger and conflict management program that utilizes cooperative and group learning principles to teach anger and conflict management strategies

An Overview:

A Better Way is an anger and conflict management program that utilizes cooperative and group learning principles to teach anger and conflict management strategies to female and male youth 12–18 years of age. Youth are referred by probation officers, Family Court, social service providers, teachers, and parents. Youth are assigned to small groups divided by age ranging from 12-14 and 15-18 years old.


• Trust building exercises, role-playing and group discussions, allow participants to develop skills to help implement positive ways of dealing with conflict.
• The program will challenge the concept of conflict as a vehicle for anger and present it as a resource for change
• Participants will understand the causes of conflict and gain fundamental skills to effectively manage the anger/aggression that may occur because of it, thereby becoming less likely to resort to violence as a solution to conflicts.
• Participants will gain effective techniques to promote critical thinking and sound decision-making skills.
• Participants will avoid potentially anti-social situations and associate with more pro-social peer groups.
• The program can be customized to meet the needs of a specific organization

Neighborhood, City, ST: 
Philadelphia, PA
Contact Info: 

227 N. 18th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone (215) 665-8777
Fax (215) 665-8821
Fax (215) 965-5713